What were we thinking! promote confidence and reduce distress in parents with a first baby

About Us

www.whatewerewethinking.org.au was developed and produced by a team of Australian researchers, writers, designers, and programmers, funded by a grant to Professor Jane Fisher and Dr Heather Rowe.

Our Team

Associate Professor Jane FisherProfessor Jane Fisher

Jane Fisher is Clinical and Health Psychologist and Professor of Women's Health. She has been a sessional consultant to Masada Private Hospital Mother Baby Unit since 1996. Jane's research focuses on understanding and addressing the factors that influence women's and men's health and wellbeing during pregnancy and the life phase of caring for young children.

Dr Heather RoweDr Heather Rowe

Heather is Senior Research Fellow with expertise in women's health research and health promotion practice. She translates expert knowledge into mental health promotion programs for women and their families. She has a special research interest in using technologies to reach diverse groups of women and their families during the childbearing year and at other phases of life.

Jane and Heather are both located at the Global and Women's Health in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University in Melbourne Australia, where Jane is Director.

Website Editorial Process

Jane Fisher and Heather Rowe have full responsibility for the WWWT website content and editorial decisions. All material published on the website is peer-reviewed. The content is regularly reviewed and updated.

Website Design and Development

Penny Harris

Penny Harris is an Interactive Multimedia Art Director and Project Manager. She is also a well known children's film maker, author and illustrator. Over her twenty-five year career, Penny has won many national and international awards for her projects. Penny is based in Melbourne, Australia. Penny's work can be viewed at www.pennyharris.com.au.

Lara Cameron

Lara Cameron is an independent interactive and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Lara's work covers a wide range of disciplines including Flash & HTML website design & development, identity & print design, textile design and illustration. Lara's work can be viewed at www.laracameron.com.

Patrick Fitzgerald

Patrick Fitzgerald is a freelance programmer & graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Patrick's work can be viewed at www.roomtone.com.au.