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Information, resources and reassurance for new parents navigating the highs and lows of life with a baby

The birth of a first baby is one of the biggest life transitions an adult will experience. Major life changes are always accompanied by mixed feelings and most parents feel under-equipped for the tasks of infant care and managing a household with a baby.

This website contains information about common experiences in the early months of parenthood and some effective ways of thinking about and managing them.

All information on this website is drawn from up-to-date research and the experiences of many parents of new babies. We hope that you find the site helpful as you learn to live with your first baby.

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This site is not a substitute for advice from your family doctor or another health professional.

If you feel sad, worried, or irritable most of the time, then it is important to talk to your family doctor.

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Capturing those special moments

Ari rolled from his tummy to his back today! It happened when we were playing on the floor, Ari was on his tummy pushing up and I was dangling a toy above his head from side to side. I think we were both as surprised as each other, I wished I could have filmed it.

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Work at home and in the office

Let’s be frank, the workload is massive with the arrival of a baby. For Dad, it’s a challenge heading off to work each day slightly sleep deprived and possibly bearing unnoticed milk vomit on your shoulder.

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The Best Part!

What I have learnt is that this ‘fog’ they talk about doesn’t go in its entirety. Well not at 3 months anyway. I’m still tired, some days worse than others. I still don’t find waking up at 3am any better. Breastfeeding is easier, faster for sure. But it still takes time and energy...

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