What were we thinking! promote confidence and reduce distress in parents with a first baby

How to Use These Worksheets

www.whatwerewethinking.org.au is divided into two sections: For Parents and For Professionals. If you are a new parent we suggest that you focus on the For Parents section, which aims to provide you and your partner with strategies to adjust well to life with your new baby.

There are a total of fourteen worksheets for you and your partner to fill in, either together or separately, shown in the menu on the left hand side of the page. It is recommended that you complete the worksheets in the order they appear in the menu bar. You do not have to complete all fourteen at once. There are no right or wrong answers; the purpose of these worksheets is to help you manage your experience as first time parents.

Completing the worksheets online together

Select a worksheet. If you are the mum select the "Mum's Answers" tab or, if you are the dad, select the "Dad's Answers" tab. Once both of you have completed the worksheet select the "Compare" tab and both your answers will appear.