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A great set of lungs

By Poppy

A great set of lungs

As the weeks went by Penelope’s crying has decreased. At 7 weeks much of her fussing and unsettled crying gradually began to decline. Of course there are better days than others, but on the whole we have learnt to read her a little better, and perhaps she understands us a little more too. Having a routine, not rigid, but some sort of daily structure, helps keep the unsettled behaviour at bay. Looking for the tired cues while she is playing on her activity mat is a good help also. Red eyebrows, jerky movements and a glazed stare are some of Penelope’s warning signs that if mum and dad don’t act soon and get me to bed, my crying just may kick into gear.


Certain times of day too call for more fussing and crying for us. The mornings are usually our best times, filled with more smiles and play time, walks outside, singing and reading. For us, ensuring she has some sort of morning sleep preferably 1.5-2 hours helps, and the same again during the afternoon. By evening watching out for tired and unsettled cues becomes more important. We have found that a routine bath and evening feed is a good settler before we get ready for bed. Penelope loves the water and it wears her out a bit too, following up with some milk leaves her content and feeling warm, happy and secure. I have found then singing her the same little song in a darkened room also lets her know its bedtime.


All of these things have helped Penelope know what is coming and what to expect from mum and dad, so perhaps it’s less daunting for her. On a final note, let me add, Penelope has a set of lungs and sometimes regardless of what we do, she cries. Perhaps it’s her way of learning about the world too. At 10 weeks I try not to jump at every murmur, she will be ok and after all, all babies cry right? Yes they do. If someone tells you their baby never cries I think they are kidding themselves!!! Imagine not being able to talk, we would all get frustrated too.

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