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A whole new world of judgement?!

By Morgan

A whole new world of judgement?!

Fortunately I have a kind, thoughtful, gentle and unprejudiced husband. We balance each other out!

Ed and I were luckily enough to go to a beautiful wedding last weekend. We sat on a table with a couple who have a two week old baby. The mother of the two week old sat next to Ed and was keen to “talk baby”.

While debriefing the next day I asked: “How are the Smiths going?”

Ed: “Great I think. Charlotte (the Mum) was keen to hear how we were going and doing things.”

Me: “What sort of things?”

Ed: “Sleeping. Sleeping set ups. Stuff we’d got that worked well.”

Me: “How are they doing things?”

Ed: “I didn’t ask.”

Me: “Oh.”

Ed: “I’m very careful not to ‘tell people’ what to do or ask too many questions in that department. Charlotte was interested, so I just shared what was working for us.” 

Hhhmmm... Why can’t I be more like Ed? Everyone comes at this new born stuff so differently. I need to try harder not to impose my ideas/ views/ choices onto others. Parenting is a whole new world of judging...and I’m perhaps a bit guilty of it sometimes. There are many ways to skin a cat. In this case, no way is necessarily the ‘right way’.

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