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By Amy


After Abigail was born a midwife told me that I have a huge amount of milk which was positive. Abigail loves to try and suck as much milk as she can which leaves her coughing or gulping a lot of air. During my first month of breastfeeding I would hold Abigail in the cradle position. This hold seemed to be the most favoured position, until I quickly found that aches and pains were evident, particularly around the shoulder region that lead to headaches around my eyes (like a headband being squeezed).


I swapped breastfeeding positions to lying down on my back while feeding Abigail. This reduced my milk flow making Abigail work a little harder for her meal, increasing her tummy time that in-turn has strengthened her neck, as well as releasing the stress and tension. Lucky for me Aunty Ree sent a voucher for an hour massage which I topped up to have her come out to our place. Ever since Raylene's brilliant first appointment Robert and I have treated ourselves to an hour massage once a month and this is not just any massage, it's a mobile massage that allows us to relax in the comfort of our own home. Mobile massages are great gift idea for friends who have just had a baby.

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