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Challenges now my baby has reached 6 months

By Poppy

Challenges now my baby has reached 6 months

Hitting 6 months has meant fun fun fun! Quicker to feed, easier to settle, established solids to help distract from those mini tantrums, and best of- laughing, smiles, hugs and finally a show of genuine love towards her mummy and daddy.

With all of this does come some new challenges. I used to think 6 months old was the emergence of baby to adult, now I realise Penelope is no more than a growing baby, with growing lungs and growing demands...and more or less still completely hopeless at any sort of self-function.

We are living through a stage of her realising that she has needs and wants, and if she makes enough noise usually they are met! Angst, unpredictability, embarrassment are just a few small words that come to mind.

Penelope loves food, always has. She sees the bottle, boob, spoon approaching and it’s a race to get it in her mouth, god help if you dordle for a mere second…you’ll hear about it. Put it in that mouth and put it in their fast. I tried eating some cereal the other morning with her on my lap and the whole bowl ended up upside down in my lap also, on top of her and the kitchen floor. I think she just thought, ‘why not, I’ll give it a try…mum may not notice and I may get lucky. The only thing that got lucky that morning was the washing machine!

They say kids become attached at 5-6 months, some days I think she is the world’s most social child, smiling for anyone, saying a gabble hello to any passer-by, encouraging utter strangers to pick her up and play. Other days you’d rather stay well out of her way and completely out of ear shot. This little lady is a determined child with a good voice! The smiles disappear and she doesn’t want a bar of anyone but mum or dad. I think it’s her way of building stable relationships in her little world, you just have to go with the flow I guess. I don’t mind the extra hugs, Ben adores them. Secretly we are thrilled a little person relies on us so much, it’s sort of her interesting way of saying ‘thank you, I love you best!!!’ It feels good after the hours, days, months of 24 hour round the clock care.

We just continue to throw her into social situations so she becomes more accustomed to different circumstances and different people. The more people and the busier the location the better, that way you can’t hear the very good set of lungs when Penelope decides to give them a whirl.

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