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Dealing With Doubt

By Marigold

Dealing With Doubt

Leaving the hospital with our beautiful baby was such an exciting moment for Tom and I. We packed our bags, thanked all the wonderful nurses and took photos of our new family all the way to the front door.

The car pulled up and Tom opened the door to put our precious little Isabelle into the back seat and all of a sudden a feeling of doubt began to creep up on us both… how do we put her into the car safely? Is she on the correct side of the car? Is she comfortable in her car seat? What do we do with her when we get home? Will it be too hot or too cold in the house? Oh no why is she crying!?

There have been so many days when we feel so unsure and constantly question what we are doing, and unfortunately we have found that there are no textbook answers to this parenting thing. I think this feeling is heightened by the fact that we are overseas without family and old friends dropping by on a regular basis, but luckily Skype makes it much easier to keep in touch and share some of the special (and challenging!) moments with our loved ones.

At times these feelings of doubt can be overwhelming and become quite irrational when combined with a lack of sleep! Tom does an amazing job at building my confidence with compliments and constant support, and together we try to step back and remind ourselves that our baby is happy and healthy so we must be doing an ok job so far.

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