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Don't cry over spilt milk

By Amy

Don't cry over spilt milk

I never understood the expression "don't cry over spilt milk" until now. I  accidentally left expressed frozen milk bars on the bench and they defrosted. I was furious with myself and the fact I couldn't re-freeze breast milk. I found myself seeking comfort through google. And after reading a story of a woman who had expressed enough milk for 6 months to give her child while at childcare, so she could go back to work while her child continued to get the best start in life.


A week before she started her suburb had a power cut and her fridge defrosted with her milk stash in it. I sat quietly feeling nothing but devastation and disbelief for this poor woman who had spent hours upon hours attached to an electric machine to give her child the best possible start. Embarrassed about my shocking and over the top outburst after loosing x4 bars of milk ... I sat quietly in bed (next to my husband), in the dark reflecting my actions.









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