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Expectations as our bump becomes a baby

By Poppy

Expectations as our bump becomes a baby

Finding out we had a little one on the way was very exciting to say the least. I would also be lying if I didn’t say I felt daunted. My husband was elated with the prospect of becoming a dad, yet equally there were things that also kept him up at night. We were thrilled that together, we had created a new addition into this world and the beginnings of our family. Yet, equally together we talked and individually reflected on feelings of being overwhelmed. Would we be able to do it? Of course we could. Would we enjoy it? Of course we would. Would it change our life? Of course it would, but in a way we would never know until our little girl entered the world on November 4th 2013.

Penelope’s arrival cemented the joy that having a child can only bring. I had a new challenge, keeping a child alive by carrying out her every single major and meagre need, every day and every single hour, minute and second. It was a challenge I looked forward to each day, and one that had my heart exploding when a smile was returned even if for the first 5 weeks it was only wind. Who cares, it was a smile and it melted our hearts. We were parents, and we had created her and were lucky enough to call her ours.

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