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I am so tired

By Marie

I am so tired

After much crying from both Sam and myself there is finally an improvement in his sleep now he is 11 weeks old. From birth Sam would only go to sleep when I fed or cuddled him and when I put him in his cot asleep he woke after 20 minutes. John gave up trying to get him to sleep so I always held him and I really struggled with being so tired.


At 8 weeks I was starting to think that nothing was going to change, and when I was introduced to the ‘What Were We Thinking’ program I hoped for some ideas of how to help Sam go to sleep easier. I am trying the feed-play-sleep routine, which is slowly working and with encouragement from the Maternal and Child Health Nurse I feel that it was worth persisting with.


Sam still has a grumpy time from 7pm to 11pm when he needs feeding and cuddling but he is getting better at going to sleep in his cot with a bit of patting. He is only waking once overnight for a feed and I can’t believe how much better I feel because John and my mother can put Sam to bed which gives me a break.

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