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I can't get sick

By Eva

I can't get sick

I’ve had a sore throat and fever for the past couple of days, Ari is also unwell as he has been unsettled and waking every two hours over night wanting to be cuddled all the time. This has been very hard, I didn’t realise how much I took for granted in my life before Ari, in terms of just being able to lie in bed all day when you are sick.   You can’t do that when you have a little baby so dependent on you. Luckily my mum came over and helped look after Ari for a few hours during the day and Dimitri took over after work, just bringing him to me for a feed.

I honestly don’t know how I would have got through the last few days if I was on my own. There is a single mum in our new parents group who has no family in Victoria and I have only just realised how tough it must be at times for her. I will be inviting her around to meet my family and hopefully become better friends.


WWWT Team - Parents need more from other people when they have a baby and identifying sources of practical and emotional support is important.

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