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"I Wish He Could Tell Me What Was Wrong!"?

By Morgan

I caught up with an old friend recently.  She has baby Harrison. He is a month older than my William.  Whilst talking parenthood she said to me “I’ve been surprised how much I follow Harrison’s cues, I thought everything would be on ‘my time’ as a parent”.  I couldn’t agree more!!

This got me thinking about the idea of babies communicating and how people often say (of babies), “I wish he could tell me what was wrong”.

From my experience babies DO communicate a great deal.

My days are dominated by following William’s cues balanced with what I think he needs to be healthy and happy and the rest of the families lives. Actively looking and listening for William's cues has, I think, helped us to bond and made for wonderful beginnings to parenthood for Ed and I.

William tells me when:

he's hungary

- he's had enough to eat

he is unsure of something

the water is too hot or cold

he's wondering where we're off to now

he is tired

he is really tired

he is happy

"it hurts when you wipe my eyes like that"

he likes it 

it tickles

mum's being silly and embarrassing me

it's a new sensation

it's a new taste

he's doing a poo

he doesn't want to be dragged around in the car

he can hear Dad walking in the room or talking

"I've had enough"

"I'm bored"

"I've lost the plot"

"I'm pleased to see you"

"I can hear mum's voice"

"I'm busy"

"I'm content with my own company"

"I'm not comfortable" 

William is a particularly happy baby and we don't have an issue with crying. I wonder if following his cues has anything to do with this? Maybe it’s just his temperament or because he gets plenty of sleep... its hard to say.

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