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Learning new tricks

By Marie

Learning new tricks

My days are more predictable but not always easy. John has been back at work for months now and I feel I need to get meals cooked and organise the shopping, cleaning and washing. It’s not that I mind doing this it is just that it can take me all day. At times I feel unorganised and annoyed I can't manage simple household tasks.

Sam has short naps during the day and just when I start something he wakes up. He is happy to play on the floor for short periods but then gets grumpy and wants me to entertain him. I am getting good at doing things using one hand with Sam on my hip. Mum told me she used to take me everywhere around the house whilst she did the housework. I have tried putting Sam on the floor when I am doing housework and he is enjoying the different spots in the house and enjoys that I talk to him about what I am doing.


WWWT Team -  Couples need to discuss the division of unpaid work because when this is not recognised it can be the most common source of tension between new parents. For more information visit the What Were We Thinking website.

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