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My Support Network

By Amy

My Support Network

Gratitude is everything, and I am truly grateful to have such a wonderful support network around me. These people have helped me build confidence and even rebuild confidence within me.

I have a brilliant Mothers Group. There are 10 of us and we still catch up every Tuesday and once a month we head out for dinner while our other halves look after our precious babies. Some members attend different activities together, gymbaroo, mini maestros and swimming are just a few to name. This group of strong women allows me to vent and bounce anything baby related off them and in turn we have had our share of laughs and tears. My family have been there whenever I need them. Other Mummies who I have grown up with have been a massive support, just to get out of the house to see them, go for a walk to a park where the older children can let off some steam. While walking we tend to talk more than ever - it's nice to walk away knowing "well at least I'm not the only one".

I have also on a number of occasions posted notes on the Facebook page of Midnight mums. It's been a blessing when I've been up at night and not able to call someone ... I would write a post and of course other mothers would respond at all hours of the night- a brilliant support from random mothers around Australia. Last but not least, the Pregnancy, Births & Baby hotline 1800882436 has been amazing.

When I've needed any medical advice I have phoned them and even if I am transferred to another service by the end of the conversation I am left feeling like more confident and with an answer even if it's head to the nearest hospital emergency department now. 

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