What were we thinking! promote confidence and reduce distress in parents with a first baby


By Eva


Ari had his 2 month birthday including his health check at our Maternal and Child Health Centre and had his first immunisations a couple of weeks ago. Dimitri was great and held Ari for the needles as I was so nervous I was almost crying. I didn’t feel so bad afterwards as many of the new dads were doing the same with their babies. I spoke to a couple of other new mums there and we supported each other. It’s really great seeing new dads so involved in caring for their babies.

My dad told me it was different in his day and the father’s role was to earn money and do outdoor chores around the house. This was interesting because the expectations of extended family was discussed in the What Were We Thinking WWWT program. I think he is enjoying his first grandson and it’s lovely to see him cuddle and soothe him. My mum has been a fantastic support and babysat for us so we could go out to dinner last night. Even though it was only a quick meal, it was great to just be alone together and talk about things other than baby care. Ari is feeding more regularly now about 6 times a day and I have started to use the “feed, play, sleep” strategies from the course which has been good. I can now recognise when he is tired and I put him down in his cot to sleep, patting or gentle rocking works most of the time.

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