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Reflections on preparation and the birth

By Amy

Reflections on preparation and the birth

A fear that I had leading up to Abigail's arrival, and even prior to coming off the pill, was in fact the birth. Nothing could prepare me enough for this event. I tried everything, From reading books, hypno birthing including affirmations, acupuncture, even whilst pregnant I would wake at 4:00am to meditate for half an hour each day before heading off to work. I made the labour out to be so terrifying in my mind that I actually ended up enjoying the experience.

If I could go back to the birth and whisper something to myself it would be ... to sleep when the baby sleeps ... I only sleep during the night and that is probably why I'm on my fourth day with a ticking eye ... Sleep is important especially to stay grounded, rational, calm and sane.

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