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Sharing the load

By Poppy

Sharing the load

We have learnt to juggle our time to help each other and manage Penelope. Having another pair of hands to quickly hang out the washing together each day is a godsend. We make the bed together each morning, and Ben gobbles his breakfast talking sweet nothings and baby goo-gah with Penelope while I throw myself under the shower. Ben has been open and honest with his work about his desire to help a bit at home and thus arriving at the office 30 minutes later is no problem. 30 precious minutes for me, allows me to actually eat my breakfast, wash my hair, get the washing done and start the day with half a sane mind. For us both, we can enjoy some play time all together every morning mostly because we have shared the monotonous daily tasks and made them into a bit of fun as Penelope watches us run around our apartment like mad people!

During the weekends we share as much of the work at home as possible, during the week I attempt to do as much as possible while looking after Penelope. Having food in the fridge and freezer has saved us, meaning Ben can come home and cook for us while I get Penelope ready for bed. We have both accepted that it’s ok if dinner is a little later, if the house isn’t 100% spotless or there is nothing in the fridge. Being a little lenient on yourself as well as each other has helps us maintain a happy home life all together.

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