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Sometimes it's just about having fun

By Marie

Sometimes it's just about having fun

Dribble, dribble and more dribble. Sam has found his hands and spends a lot of the day sucking on his fists and spreading the dribble everywhere. He delights in blowing bubbles and has started trying to talk to me when he is having a cuddle. It is all a lot of fun and he is starting to hit his toys that hang above him.

John can’t wait to get home to play with Sam. He has started rolling around the bed with him and he doesn’t seem to mind dribble all over his face as Sam squeals wide mouthed at the fun. John is still bathing him in the evening and has started lying Sam in a shallow bath and he enjoys kicking and splashing. John also got in the shower with him and Sam was surprised when the water flowed over his head but was full of smiles. 


I try to absorb every moment but time is moving so quickly and Sam changes every week. His personality is showing through and he loves having someone to talk to. John and I talk a lot about Sam and we are going to try to get out more, just the two of us, even for a quick coffee.

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