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The Best Part!

By Poppy

The Best Part!

What I have learnt is that this ‘fog’ they talk about doesn’t go in its entirety. Well not at 3 months anyway. I’m still tired, some days worse than others. I still don’t find waking up at 3am any better. Breastfeeding is easier, faster for sure. But it still takes time and energy.

Penelope sleeps less during the day and is a playful little character, so I can’t just switch off or take a nap. My time needs to be channelled with her…even if I am ‘foggy’. It’s still a juggle often to have Penelope fed, bathed and in bed, dinner on the table and an adult discussion with my husband by 7.30pm. I’m resigned that some nights, dinner at 9pm with not much more than a ‘thank you for cooking’ is also ok.

The best part about 3 months is that a little person is emerging, smiles begin the day, nonsense talking fills the room and the occasional giggle slips out. The whole day seems a joy to begin knowing that this little person who is fast becoming a little girl, is ready to start a whole new day with me. If anything, knowing this makes the fog a whole heap better. The fog won’t be forever, and this special time with our little girl learning so many new tricks ever day won’t be either. At 3 months, the fog is better, it clears a little more each week. Even talking about it makes it seem not so bad after all.

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