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The fog lifts? Or does it?

By Poppy

The fog lifts? Or does it?

So, I was given the advice time and time again, prior to Penelope’s birth and in the early weeks, ‘don’t worry it’s like a fog lifts when you hit the 12 week mark’. So what did this exactly mean? Would I get my life back? Would my child be a terror and then suddenly an angel? Would I have no sleep for the first 3 months? What was this ‘fog’? It terrified me prior to having our baby, and gave me something to thank god for during the wee hours of the morning in the first weeks.

Let me start by saying, everyone will tell you about ‘the lifting of the 3 month fog’. In short, from my experiences of a sample size of one, it isn’t so true, well not in its entirety.

‘The fog’- oh yeah it exists. We had lots of hours spent rocking an unsettled baby, I had many ‘wake from the dead moments’ at 4am, plenty of coffee fuelled mornings, day time sleeps, blurry eyed walks and frustrated calls to my husband and family- am I even doing this parenting thing right?

‘The lift’- yep this thankfully exists! 3 months in and in part, lots of foggy moments lift. I am a mum, and I finally feel confident that I know Penelope and she knows me. We don’t always get it right, but we are closer than we used to be. Settling has become faster as we now know her cues and she knows her routine. Night times are graced with perhaps only 1-2 wake up calls, which leave the mornings a little less blurry. My husband and I have settled into a nice routine which helps each other. I can find the energy to go for a walk, even if it’s to post a letter. And I can co-ordinate dates with my friends with slightly better confidence of not cancelling!

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