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Time for me

By Eva

Time for me

Ari is now 3 months old and we are all doing well. I love watching my partner Dimitri play with Ari, the squeals of laughter from the two of them touches my heart. I use their play time together to catch up on some “me time” by either sitting with my feet up and my favourite book or just having a cup of tea. I love this time to myself and I feel that it regenerates my energy levels.

I still have a lot to learn about caring for a baby, but I feel more confident now and less of a “fraud”. Ari is easier to settle and has a more regular pattern for feeding and sleeping, he only woke once last night which is a first. Our nurse told us that things would settle after 3 months of age and she was right. Our six week new parent group at our Maternal and Child Health centre is now finished, I have made some friends and our group still plan to meet once a week either at our houses or the local coffee shop that has room for all the prams. I took Ari into my workplace to show him off to my work friends, it was lovely to see them all and even though I had mixed feelings about leaving on maternity leave (I loved my work), I feel differently now and definitely don’t have time to miss it.


WWWT Team - Families and friends may not be available or willing to assist new parents. New friends from parent's groups or playgroups can increase your connection to others. You may also need to think about professionals who you might not have needed before, such as a family doctor, and a child and family health nurse.

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