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Trying to avoid the (almost always) unavoidable

By Alice

Trying to avoid the (almost always) unavoidable

Despite the warnings signs and the advice to avoid, the train wreck still occurs! I saw it coming. It was frustration that bothered me the most as I drove Oliver to the hospital to get his head stitched.
Why don't they just listen? This time, as the parent, I was right; "doing that will get you an ouchie. Hop down!" The sound of my own voice echoed as I explained several times why he should stop.....

And which "ouchie" do you prevent first? The one from the child rubbing poo everywhere as you tackle them on the change table, or the other child swinging through the change table? Able to look into the past I should have picked option two, but in the moment as you peer into the future, you hope that your multitasking communications will shine through. The reality: they are two years old and testing you - you can not be in two places at once.

This is by no means a justification, that he somehow got what he deserved. It was an accident and just bad luck. It was the 1 in 10 when the "ouchie" you threaten actually happens. Despite all the best efforts to keep them safe, you can not be in two places at once and the unfortunate does sometimes happen.

Seeing it happen is one of the elements I hate about being a parent. I hate seeing my children hurt and upset. I hate replaying in my mind what I could or should have done to avoid it. I hate the sound of their anguished cries, which are shuddering when they are in pain. And I hate knowing that throughout their lives there will be more to come. The reality of life. Some I will be able to fix (like this one with 'doctors glue') but with others I will have to remain on the sidelines.

Nothing is more special than your own children. And the love you hold for them, incomparable.
However the emotional roller coaster they unconsciously put you through; hurtful parental frustration! I still love them though.

P.S Oliver is doing fine today. A day off from playschool, enjoying the one to one attention. I'll have to keep an eye he doesn't keep it up ;)

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