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William at 5.5 months

By Morgan

William at 5.5 months

I was recently inspired by a conversation I had with a slightly eccentric and highly academic father of my parents vintage. He was asking about early parenting experiences and told me about something he did with each of his children. This father kept a book of weekly reflections about each of his children’s development until they turned 18! How incredible is that?! I did think to myself, even keeping up monthly reflections would create a wonderful story to look back on.  

I imagined the reflections to be a little like this:

  • William will be six months old in a fortnight. He brings his parents and grandmothers much joy. William has begun eating solids, simple puree fruit and vegetables and a little rice cereal. He seems to be an apple fan, like his father. He has taken quickly to eating from a spoon and is not fussy.
  • William now has two milk teeth, bottom front. Ma says her Mother thought teeth were nature’s way of saying children are ready for food. In recent weeks William’s hair has grown, he has thickening blonde hair. Edward jokes that William will have more hair than his father soon and enjoys pointing out Williams ‘Kevin Bartlet’ newborn locks the back of his head.
  • William is confident sitting up on his tummy and has begun showing frustration when things are out of reach. He rolls from front to back and is learning to sit up between Mum’s legs on the carpet. He enjoys listening to his parents sing nursery rhymes and the hawks theme song when we’re in the car. He has lovely moments of giggling each day and enjoys playing peek-a-boo or bouncing on the bed. Williams’ increasing awareness of movement and sound has meant feeding needs to be done in a quiet place.

Expert response from What Were We Thinking! expert, Ann O'Doherty

Dear Morgan, 
What a lovely insightful reflection on William’s development and burgeoning skills. When we listen and talk to other parents (no matter how young or old) their thoughts and experiences from their parenting journeys will often prompt us to think about how we do things with our own babies and can provide ideas to try out and see if they fit our own families.

You write beautiful descriptions of William’s exploration of his world and his developing skills and your inclusion of family history and beliefs and Edward’s thoughts and contributions (and sense of humour) provide a rich story that you will all appreciate and enjoy as you look back.

As a parent looking back as my children are growing, it can be easy to forget the little things, the precious childhood day to day experiences of growing and learning. Recording these moments (however often you are able) will provide beautiful memories that William will enjoy as an older child/adult while giving him an appreciation of all the loving care that you and Edward gave to him.

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