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Work at home and in the office

By Poppy

Work at home and in the office

Let’s be frank, the workload is massive with the arrival of a baby. For Dad, it’s a challenge heading off to work each day slightly sleep deprived and possibly bearing unnoticed milk vomit on your shoulder. For mum (that’s me!) the work load seems to chug away on a 24 hour cycle. Life has become a race to say the least, a race to get everything done, actually anything done. To arrive at places on time, leave the office in time for bath at home, or even a race to get to the loo and back in 55 seconds. Life with a baby no matter which way you look at it is hard work.

For us, working out what was needed and how we could share the load was crucial. My husband is mister domestic, and for this I am super grateful. His pedantic habits of cleanliness once slightly irritated me, now they are pure heaven. I’m lucky I have someone very understanding of not just the paid work load, but also the relentless unpaid load that comes with being parents.

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