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By Poppy


The hospital taught us how to wrap our little girl. The first three weeks were OK and she seemed to like being wrapped. We found it was an excellent settler and a great way to stop those wayward arms which would wake her up with her uncontrollable startle reflex. The wrap helped calm her, make her feel secure and we used it as a routine technique to help her identify sleep time. When I fed, I would unwrap her. As she got bigger though we found Penelope escaping her wrap at night and waking herself up. We had a strong harry Houdini in the making. At six weeks this happened so often I was up and down again like a maniac at night. I need not be super mum I reminded myself, so I personally choose to use a sleep suit which is SIDS safe and has the same effect as wrapping and keeps the baby feeling safe, secure and unable to startle themselves.


WWWT Team - Wrapping works well for the first five months. Once your baby is rolling it is recommended to stop usuing a wrap as it may prevent your baby who has turned onto their tummy during sleep from returning to the back sleeping position.

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