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Wrapping as a form of baby settling

By Jan O'Connell

Wrapping as a form of baby settling

Surely it’s time to go to sleep? The baby has been fed, changed and is very settled in your arms but every time he is placed in the cot he cries and wakes. This makes it very hard to settle your baby to sleep in their cot.

When babies up to the age of 5 months are put in their cot the downward movement makes them feel like they are falling. This results in a reflex (moro) response which involves spreading out the arms, followed by pulling in the arms and crying.

Wrapping helps lessen the reflex response when putting the baby in their cot. Being wrapped soothes some babies and makes it easier to settle them to sleep on their back which reduces the risk of SIDS. It is always important to follow the safe sleeping guidelines which can be found at Safe sleeping - SIDS & KIDS. However, not all babies like to be wrapped so if your baby resists the wrap it is better to try a well-fitting infant sleeping bag.

It can take time to learn the best way to settle your baby and there is more information about settling on the What Were We Thinking website.

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