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Zac, me, childcare and sickness!

By Kelly

Zac, me, childcare and sickness!

After having Zac in childcare for 4 months now, I am beginning to wonder if it's all worth it! The amount of sickness we have had in this four months feels like what some people would have in a life time. 

We (and yes I mean we – whatever he gets sick he kindly shares with me) have had gastro twice, hand foot mouth, croup, general run of the mill colds, and the list goes on.  I feel like the one healthy week I’m having at the moment is a blessing.  I haven’t been 100% well since Easter, but have no time to “rest”.  I am taking a multitude of vitamins, Zac is taking probiotics, but we still keep getting hit. 

Will this ever get better...?

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