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Rugby Allegiances

By Juliet

Rugby Allegiances

Evelyn experienced her first trans tasman rugby game – the first Bledisloe cup test between New Zealand and Australia. Although to be honest she didn’t take much notice of it as she was on the boob for pretty much the whole game until she went to bed…sadly her support for the All Blacks was not enough to secure a win…but we think her choice of booties caused the draw.  Although her dad would argue that she was supporting the Wallabies not the All Blacks, I think her outfit said it all (must to the dismay of her Aussie father!).

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It’s lovely to hear you and your family are able to keep doing things you enjoy together and getting out and about with Evelyn.

Babies can certainly have a big impact on how we manage our time and interests and as adults it is wonderful if we can include our babies in activities and outings as a family while also making time for ourselves as a

When you are ready you might choose to forward plan a bit to help in the organisation of your busy lives by scheduling in some couple time on a regular basis, almost like making an appointment. Perhaps setting aside an evening every month to go to a movie or go out to dinner, to do something you both enjoy.

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